Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards

Third-generation family farm and Georgia farm winery—producing three varieties of French American hybrid grapes and eight fruit-forward wines that are quickly gaining local, national and international recognition. 

They’re off-dry wines and cider simultaneously respect and buck southern tradition—delighting consumers with unexpected complexities and a bright, clean finish—and are hand-crafted by our family using traditional old-world practices and the best of today's technology.


Limited Special Sample Boxes

We have a limited number of sample boxes available. Each sample box includes two bottles of their available wines.

Bombshell - Chardonnay - 13.1% abv

A bright, refreshing, dry white wine. Hand-crafted in Georgia. Passion fruit, honey & flirtations of citrus.


Sand ANgel - Dry ROSé - 13.1% abv

Fruity. Bright. Raspberry. Watermelon. Honeysuckle.


Hellraiser - Reisling - 13.1% abv

Light and fruity. Sweet and sassy. A fun, white wine with a surpringly delightful pop of fresh grapefruit. Hand-crafted in Georgia. Starts off-dry and finishes like ripe, sweet berries.


Heart breaker - CAB or Grenache - 13.1% abv

A big, bold, dry and supple, dark red wine. Cashmere tannins. Silky, jammy perfection.


Daredevil - shiraz - 13.1% abv

A bold, dry South African-style red wine. Complex and feisty with hints of raspberries.